What Do Winnie The Pooh And Alexander The Great Have In Common

Dated: 02/06/2018

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They share the same middle name...

Of course, any Pooh Bear lover (which I am) will tell you that his original name was Edward Bear, but he is known to the world as Winnie the Pooh.  Does having the same middle name (it doesn't get much more illustrious than 'The')  make them anything alike?  Not at all.  This brings to mind a question I was asked recently by a client--"Are all real estate companies the same?" My answer was a resounding NO.  Simply having 'Real Estate' in the name is no guarantee that you can expect similar levels of service and expertise from company to company.

What sets EXIT REALTY HOME & RANCH apart from other real estate companies?  I'll share with you their basic tenets, which ultimately are responsible for me choosing EXIT as my brand.  

1.  Training--EXIT provides exceptional training, which gives their agents the tools to exceed their clients expectations and provide outstanding service.

2.  Branding--EXIT helps their agents be recognized in their individual markets through unique company branding.

3.  Technology--EXIT is a high tech, high touch company.  The fact that we are industry leaders in technology enhances rather than diminishes the personal interaction we have with our clients.

4. Culture--A culture of mentoring and being vested in each others success, much like a family, creates a productive and enjoyable work atmosphere.

5.  Residuals--The opportunity to sponsor other agents into the company provides residual income that can carry over into retirement, and even extend to an agent's beneficiaries after the agent passes. The residual income is paid by corporate, rather than coming from the agent's check, as in other companies.

Give me a call today and let's talk about how EXIT Realty can help you meet your goals!


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