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How to Stop Getting Robo Calls

(by Miriam Cross,

You know it's a recording that that it's a scam and you hang up.  Robo calls use sales pitches or scare tactics to siphon your money and are on the rise.  Unwanted calls have topped the FCC complaints over the past several years, and many are against the law:  most robo calls to your smart phone are illegal and robo calls to your home phone are illegal except in certain circumstances.  Robo calls are covering their tracks by "spoofing" or falsifying their caller ID so it appears to be local.  

What you can do:  If you have not inadvertently given permission to callers to disturb your dinner, you'll need to contact that company to revoke your consent.  Adding your number to the Do Not Call list won't stop scammers, debt collectors, surveys and more.  If you get your home phone service from an internet provider such as Comcast Xfinity or Verizon Flos, try Nomorobo ( or try and click on "sampling of tools".  You can also try or AT&T's free Call Protect, T-Mobile's free Scam ID and Scam Block, and Verizon's Caller Name ID (monthly fee).

Whether or not you download an app, avoid answering calls from an unknown number even if you recognize the area code or prefix.  Check your voice mail afterward or see if you can set up voice mail transcription instead.

Good Luck!

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